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My biggest dream is to compose for Cirque Du Soleil. "Indie" means I'm using my voice in some sort of lyrical way. "Techno" means some sort of electronica. I keep most of the instrumentals to the songs where I'm singing, so you can ask if you want...

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ZipZipper's News

Posted by ZipZipper - January 13th, 2018

For the past few months, I've been continually occupied with cake popping at [https://theredbandanabakery.com] which is who this fine doggo song is dedicated to, and overtone slurping at [https://www.facebook.com/HarmonicIntroductions] where I premiered an original and collaborative piece for our winter concert last weekend. To be honest, it's all been making me miss NG. I think it's such a good resource for finding projects to work on in the general field that I'd like to, and I've not had much of that in my catalog to begin with. Music is also more difficult for me when it's not for specific projects.


I need to stop being lazy and start creating for etc!!!! -yells at self-


Posted by ZipZipper - October 24th, 2017

I've been having a buncha crunch going on lately.

A couple of weeks ago the owner of the small-business cafe I worked at called together a meeting, which we all thought would be another 'okay guys let's get things together' kind of lecture. But instead, to the shock of even the manager who was also purposefully left in the dark, discloses that the cafe had already been sold right under our noses and that we were suddenly jobless...didn't even put in a good word for us to the new owners or give us a little cushion of help in any way. What a butthole, right? Luckily for him, me and my coworkers were such a loving family that our sorrow for being separated and losing such a dreadfully unique shop overshadowed our anger towards him in that moment...not that we could've changed much anyways.

So...this interim of sudden nothingness reminded me of a similar experience I had six years ago and inspired me to get my gears grinding, so that another six years doesn't glide by with only an inch of self-fulfillment to claim. Through my seldom spontaneity, self-frustration, and the vigorous pestering of my best friend (that's been going on for several years) I visited Los Angeles again and inspected UCLA's Extension program in Scoring for Film via a real-life visit and friend-of-friends enrolled in the program currently. I also might try auditioning/applying to Julliard and see if I would even be accepted into such prestige. But, I'm still gonna be wimpy for at least one more year, get another job close to home while I'm still blessed to have it, and save up more money because America is the worst.

Stupid? Yes, I am the most basic millenial. Please listen to/share my basic Halloween song:



Posted by ZipZipper - June 8th, 2017

And the tumor has been removed without fail, though it wasn't a terribly complex procedure anyways. I also have this cool stitch pattern still healing on my arm that looks like a tattoo. Now, I'm just minding this exceedingly annoying cough I've had for almost two weeks now, so welcome back minor health complications! I'm praying to get more involved here instead of just donating prize money for all the big contests happening, but I'm supposed to write 20+ minutes of music for another Fringe festival show before July starts...and of course cafe work is invasive as is me still unconsciously itching to move forward in life.

But, I finally recorded this Zelda: Breath of the Wild cover I thought I'd do before Cybil the cyst (or rather Tina the tumor) was excavated, but instead you can witness how my hands are still in playable condition.

Thanks for stopping by! *crying*

Posted by ZipZipper - April 17th, 2017

Next week, I'll be undergoing a procedure on my left wrist to remove a benign tumor that I've aesthetically ignored for an embarrassingly long time. It shouldn't be too terrible, but there's always that 3% chance it grew in a way that will disable my left arm forever and/or the small chance it's actually malignant!

At any rate, I'll have a rather long break from work, which has been a painful and fun ride since starting employment last summer. What I'm trying to say is, it will be a good length of rest from the major minor stresses of food service labor, but I'll also be bored half the time because all my friends are either work-related or being famous elsewhere.

Also, this summer I hope to have the first ever performance of a piece I've written. It will be for four-part chorus with piano accompaniment with lots of German spitting, but I'm still uncertain if enough people will be recruited to actually make the song alive and not awkward whisperings underneath a piano solo.

Aside from those two things, there's nothing else of significance to note for myself in the near future. I'm still biting my nails over applying for more schoolage for no reason at all, and I'm unfortunately too comfortable with my job as a minimum wage cook. I need something...different to inspire me to pursue education, and all aspects of adult life for that matter. Is that immature? Certainly.

Here's something I did to practice how to make music:

Have a great day!

Posted by ZipZipper - July 15th, 2016

1] I work at a cafe smushing breads and cheeses together, but really slowly and sometimes incorrectly.

2] I'll be done with my A.A. after this summer and then being like...Zipper...c'mon...there's more than just an A.A. and more than half of America is unhappy and in debt over college, so why not just do it okay you should do it too!?!!?

3] That would mean three things: trying out Hollywood as a living situation, trying out music as an education situation, or just giving up on everything and start studying marine biology or entomology...or theory of fingernails.

4] I'm kind of teaching piano, but it's awkward. Fingers crossed that it's soon not awkward.

5] I'm with an overtone choir. We gargle and I scream...or is it the other way around? [ https://www.facebook.com/HarmonicIntroductions/ ]

6] I forget.

There I am playing piano again BUTT for 30 seconds.


Posted by ZipZipper - November 19th, 2015

Hollywood ended up not working out (bahahahaha) I was too ambitious, despite knowing how extremely unprepared I was, and all of my uncomfortable feelings finally popped off when I went to the school and tried to sort out what I would be doing there, academically and also for living on my own. It all ended with me realizing wtf am I doing and returning back home and...essentially failing at what I originally intended. So now I'm just here figuring that I'll take the safer route by...getting a job, finishing up the last of school I need to complete here, and then taking a coastal transition more seriously.

I'd still love to go to L.A. and live there just to see what it's all about, hopefully connect with music people. I have a friend out there now, who I stayed with while trying to debunk this institute, and I think he's doing really well pursuing the music scene, though he just started that path not too long ago. Perhaps seeing him and seeing the sensationalized dream of farts to fame is making me a brainless teenager with stars in his eyes...

Anyways, I'm stupid. Here's a video of me playing piano.


Posted by ZipZipper - September 13th, 2015


So, I got accepted into an...Institute...on the West coast and will be pursuing their music Bachelor's in Scoring for Visual Media. I'm leaving next week and I'm mainly terrified because I realistically can't afford living on my own for that long and I've never had a real job. But, my mind is durable and is tired of being inexperienced, so whatever I experience will be for the betterment of either learning what to do or what not to do. And luckily, I have friends and family that are willing to support me in case of total destruction. I just feel that I learn best by actually performing actions, even though I tend to stray away from actions. So, this is a big deal for me...

But in the meantime, I'm acting like a baby; having crying fits and inner temper tantrums, which resulted in me redecorating this song:


I basically used just the title of the very first song I ever made under the name Zip Zipper. I don't know if I'll be making much else for a while; the future is relatively unstable, which is my own fault because I'm immature and a procrastinator at all the wrong things. I will indeed have to make something for the Halloween season, but who knows what will happen. 

Anyways, goodbye. I need to figure out if I'll be homeless.


Posted by ZipZipper - January 4th, 2015

Hi, I haven't been around too much as of late because of school etc. But, I just want to advertise my rather new album again because it really means a lot to me. It's a half n' half album of classical soundtrack themes vs electronic circus elements, all bundled in my own audio interpretation of the human sex drive and how sometimes there are strange, dark things hiding beneath the passionate exterior.

It's a bit of a not-so-easy listen, naturally because of my style, but also because I tried experimenting more with modulating fluidity; attempting to make melodies sound brand new with each reoccurance. It would be such a pleasure for me if you just listened to some of it and perhaps gave me some feedback. If you purchase something because you like it so much, that would be of even more personal pleasure...ahem anyways...again, I hope you just listen to something and have a delightful rest of your day.

Link: https://zzipper.bandcamp.com/releases

By the way, the title of the album "The Fire Sects" is an indirect anagram of "Secret Fetish"


Posted by ZipZipper - October 5th, 2014

First and foremost, I have released my new album "The Fire Sects" which can be found on the Bandcamp I just created moments ago:


Please listen to it and buy something if you can, because blah blah blah I'm poor like everyone else except not in the grand scheme of things because I am blessed enough to have internet and resources to make music. Anyways, you get the point. Help a guy out if you can and spread the word to other weird people...or regular people.


Also, the illustrious Harmony of Heroes project has been released. However, their website has been off-put due to server issues, so I looked through their Facebook page:


And they posted some torrent links so that you can download the album. If something happens where the site is back up, you can check that page for updates and details. I participated thrice within the collection, and then I got depressed when I heard how much more awesome everyone else's tracks are. Oh well hehehehahahaha!


Lastly, I'm currently squeezing in work on a huge project with my frequent Halloween collaborator Luke Green. He made a blog post here:


It's an epic three-part sequel to "SKIN" our previous collaboration last season. "TUMOR" is going to be an even more in-depth peek into the story that was framed from the last 8-bit horror adventure. I'm really gonna hamper down and work on the music for this now that all these other jobs are finished.


So yeah...that's it! Please remember to support any of these projects and have a luvly day!

Posted by ZipZipper - September 14th, 2014

My new album "The Fire Sects" will be arriving on October 5th. A hint at the unscrambled anagram title: the solution will only be two words. Yeah, I don't think I followed the anagram rules exactly. Now here's the tracklist for your minds to fantasize about:

1]Don't Touch Yourself


3]Pleasure Design



6]Top Or Bottom Floor?


8]Don't Touch Me

9]Good Money

10]Click To Enlarge

11]For Play


And here's some more tease to the music that's to come:


Yeah! Get pumped up and tell people that I exist please...thanks.