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Your uh company logo thing at the end was neat.

Wow! You took the idea of mini-people operating brain functions and made it your own by being extremely clever and updating it to a modern and mature audience. You utilized humor through different aspects, all centering on the common theme of inner-social turmoil. The cursing was injected evenly, moderated so that it was enough to be realistic but not so much that it took away from the real comedy. Her little airplane arms towards the end was cute. Overall, the content was funny, relatable, and scripted in a way that flowed nicely and wasn't so matter-of-fact. Great animation! I think everything really worked out here!

Thank you JaShinYa for committing to organizing this really funny and jam-packed flash and for the voice acting contests in general & thank you to FoxPirate715 who designed the animation in these flash awards at the last minute & thanks to RicePIrate who stepped in to help push this project through to the end, even though he really would have won if he participated HEHEHEHUH...two pirates...alright.

I think we all knew this was kind of a last minute idea, but it has to be one of the nicest things I've ever seen the NG community do. This can only mean the next one and the next one will be even greater now with this idea of animating an awards show, that's really very sweet and almost an incentive to really want to participate in the voice acting contests so that you can get a chance on the awards show hahahaha! I'm really surprised I got what I did and am very honored to have just been a part of this. Congratulations to the runner-ups and to everyone who participated! All of our exposure should now be magnified eleventy-billion times now, right?...*gets hit by bus*

JaShinYa responds:

Oh pshaw! I love the VA community and I want to do right by those of you who put so much work into this. The contest would be nothing without all of you! Congrats Zippy!

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I know you based pieces of this game semi-autobiographically, but the dialogue you used with your parents was very realistic, mainly how tiger parents love to turn everything you say against you so that it sounds like everything is your fault. It's really tough arguing with parents who are like that because you never win. However, you left and made your own life and you won, which is refreshing to see. Unfortunately, sometimes that's how it has to work between gays and their parents. And I personally can't imagine what that must feel like to willingly abandon your family in order to live your truest life. I luckily have adoptive parents who mostly accept me, but I have seen friends who have experienced the darkness of their own parents hating them unconditionally. Great job embodying that in this game. I hope it gets other hateful people to understand how destructive it feels to be alienated from the ones, like you said, who were supposed to be on your side.

The soundscape was definitely very relaxing, in contrast to the difficulty in getting around the spikes, which kind of defeated the purpose of it for me. Meandering in the parts before the jetpack were very mystical, but after that I started losing focus on the ambience and was mottled with frustration, which I guess does give this game challenge. The end was kinda anticlimactic, but at least balanced with how it began. Overall, I thought it was pretty cool. Lovely use of sound effects in a soothing blueish world.

Checkpoints would have been nice, but perhaps that would have made this too easy? Centered on a currently trending model (another dimension), it's a concise platformer for the sake of platforming that has nit-picking obstacles you frustrate through in order to finish. But what made this different and caught my attention were the aesthetics. The music was a huge part of this, and an especially wonderful touch filtering the soundtrack when flipping to the other dimension. The other dimension itself had a great ambience in terms of appearance and sound. Overall, a professional work that had smooth graphics, was a little glitchy, and had good character. A fine game befit for this spooky season. Nice work!

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Aaawww s̷̘͍̩͘c̷̣̼̬͌r̷̛͓̜̰͌e̶͎̬̾̅̍a̴͕̲͗͐m̷̖̈́i̸̛͂ͅn̴̢̛͉͎ġ̴̜̙̍̃ is a great feeling choice. The upward draft to the end was most delightful in terms of that, but honestly you teasing us with tenor sax at the beginning bits and then not having it appear like that again was like wait a minute where'd she go I thought this was gonna be concerto for saxoscreams...

LD-W responds:

I totally would of included more Sax if I had time to (another day or two would of worked out well). Maybe next time!

Do you know of Poulenc? He's my unhealthy obsession and also a 20th-century French composer. I can really hear the modern French influence with the obvious melodic weaving and the delightful harmonies that flow effortlessly but are occasionally awry (03:52 is a good one) Your adhesion to a strict stucture helps make the multi-tonality make sense too. I also totally get the pain that comes from plucking out articulation so that things sound more natural. It's a headache to go through, but it's polish that definitely helps this piece shine. I mean, the mixing you did doesn't present any problems to me. I'm refreshed by this improvisatory wandering and thank you for doing this honestly.

You should be fine with the harpsichord in the context of the contest. I would hope the last thing it'd be considered is a string instrument.

MIssionary-music responds:

Yes I know Poulenc, one of my musician friend actually told me that this sounds like some sort of Poulenc+Ravel+Prokofiev+Debussy all come together. And certain part also sounds like "Alborada del gracioso" from Mirror by Ravel (especially the orchestra version), which I didn't recognize it until he told me.

You might want to check my other piece as well: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1009182

This totally sounds like Poulenc and Prokofiev.

I'm uhh...curious what kind of film this is for. It's pretty dry in terms of the production, which I think is a huge part of making rap instrumentals. If you're gonna start with something so bare in the beginning, a more heavily produced middle is a better contrast to that. Basically, the way you intro'd and outro'd was nice, but I don't think the meat of the piece justified its center. For me, reverb is a necessity, and I think that would help at the introduction of the synth pad and the tingly dingle arpeggiating at 00:36. Perhaps also pumping up the volume or velocity of the other synths during that section and fading that twangy bass pluck in the background so the melodic material can be heard better, especially once your main theme hits at 01:00. I also think adding some other ancillary instruments to thicken the sound would be great. Faint double basses are good behind any bass sound, and maybe a more legato or harsher sound for the main theme's synth since it's now just a short beep. Overall, I like your rhythmic choices with the drums and the filtering that adds atmosphere, especially at the end with the crinkle gargling static. Just needs...to be doubled with more sounds and balanced thereafter through effects like reverb or echo. Of course, I suppose it's okay not to go too crazy if there's gonna be a rapper overtop...

MysteriousPresence responds:

It's a movie about a character fighting against the movie director (me) : it's pretty metaphysical and philosophical and the movie director can be seen as God of course. =)

Thank you for going into the details friend, it is much appreciated !
I will take everything you pointed out into account for my upcoming work, especially for this OST.

Thanks again ! ^^

Just an awkward clown that showed up late to the clown pile. I love to provide goofy-spook music but I'm open to anyone that challenges my comfort zone. Send me details of your lifestory when you get the chance!

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