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Do you like video-game music (VGM)? Or are you a musician, whether by hobby or by trade?

So actually, lemme start this post by saying the Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra (WMGSO) is always seeking volunteers and remote helpers. If you have extra energy and a heart for supporting a nonprofit that seeks to deliver arrangements of VGM to the general public, message me with your experiences (not that having any is necessary) and how you'd like to help. Obviously, bonus points if you're within the hemispheres of DC-MD-VA, but again, we could also use satellite volunteers for public relations, Twitch streams, or minor bookkeeping.

At the moment, our musician roster is pretty full, but after we record our second album this following year...there'll probably be more opportunity. If you've got a knack for writing arrangements, or would like to have a good excuse to practice writing, we accept submissions. Click here for our guidelines regarding arrangements, or message me here, as I am part of the music review team and have been very active with arranging for the past handful of years.


Now...it's time to plug about what's been going on specifically with me, which circles around WMGSO anyways:


Tune in this Saturday for our Fall concert, which includes half of the repertoire to be recorded for our second album. If you can't tell by the artwork and the guy slated to do a pre-concert lecture, this album will be music exclusively from the Final Fantasy series.

Also to be premiered in this concert: a spooky marimba concerto arranged by me, featuring the extraordinary talents of multi-percussionist Doug Perry (@DrumUltimA) on marimba...I'm actually dead because he does have a forgotten NG profile here. You'll also get to hear a different arrangement of mine with me at the piano playing it and me also trying so hard not to have stage anxiety.

All our concerts are streamed for free on our Twitch channel and archived for later consumption.

But, if you'd like to contribute monies or be a part of this performance in-person...

Click here to make a donation or purchase tickets.

I would really appreciate any and all outreach you can do. The concerto was especially one of the most challenging and rewarding pieces of music I've ever tackled. I'm proud of the accomplishment, but I'm even more proud of the ensemble and the work we've done together over these past couple of difficult years.


Aside from WMGSO...I'm making lots of progress on another album/EP of my own. It's not much quantitatively, but its musical ideas are a lot to carry. I hope to have it complete before tax season next year, at the latest. If you're not familiar with me, listen to my last album, which was a compilation of indie songs I've done across the ages, along with their instrumental tracks. This EP won't involve much of my voice, but I think the titles say enough already:


1~ Speak To The Manager


3~ Hurricane Handy

4~ Great Again

5~ COVID-19

6~ Triggered

7~ Wealth Gap

8~ Next Generation

And aside from that...I've got a woodwind quintet ready for the same guy who premiered a clarinet piece I wrote earlier this year. He's organized another composer contest with more players, so of course I have to try. More details on that will come once I actually submit it and he makes his selections, which could very well not be mine.

And aside from that...soon I'll be celebrating being employed at Target for four years. I actually like my job, which is especially made nice by me getting along with my coworkers...but it'd also be nice to safely afford housing, y'know??


~ ~ ZipZipper


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