Just an awkward clown that showed up late to the clown pile. I love to provide goofy-spook music but I'm open to anyone that challenges my comfort zone. Send me details of your lifestory when you get the chance!

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Merry July 4th, all you Americaneers! It's kickoff time!

I've just released my newest album:


Fully available right now on BANDCAMP: > > > click here < < <

Or you can listen to the whole playlist on my YOUTUBE: > > > click here < < <

This project was inspired by the horrific spiral of the pandemic and my heightened attention to local and international news during that time. I do believe lots of other people were also inspired to raise their awareness, but unfortunately the most toxic outcomes are produced from it, in relation to the hyper-speed environment we currently deal with. Willful ignorance becomes the creative coping mechanism or widely accepted brand on life, and for some that's an existential necessity, while for others that's just a lack of maturity.

Make no mistake, I like burying my head in the sand too. And it's that paradox and awkwardness in accountability that gives a peculiar character to this music. Not that the character is too much different from what I've already done, but I assure you that I put more thematic and harmonic attention into these tracks, for consistency and slightly better ease in transitions.

If you get activated by any of the political charge in this album, then roll your eyes or sigh as if you don't need a reminder that problems exist...well that also sums this up. Please remember, every single situation that fuels a national crisis can also be extremely nuanced and unheard of.

Anyways, have a great again day!

~ ~ said ZipZipper


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