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Black Lives Matter

Posted by ZipZipper - February 9th, 2021

Some of the rhetoric that came to my attention, with the more-than-expected activity on my casual BLM song that got frontpage'd recently, is disappointing...but living in the States, from quarantine to insurrection, is unfortunately the biggest selling point in proving how passionately impolite people would rather be. And why should internet trolls do better when the internet is for trolling? Because lowering the bar is the perfect advantage for opportunists, like Donald Trump and those that wiped their buttholes on the US Capitol, to make everything worse in real life. Which only makes societal outcries, like BLM, more resistant.

So, if you believe your impact online means nothing in comparison to what you don't do at home, why don't you start believing in yourself? That's kinda why I made the song. And that's why Black lives deserve better. They have a very long and twisted history, but they're still stuck with a current cultural standing that goes against them more often than not. Yet, they have to muster all the belief in themselves to accomplish the things that White folk get tired of thinking about for more than a minute. Stop protecting this agreed aspiration towards Whiteness and tell these people to drop that old attitude off in 2020. Seek PoC and ask them how their week is going. I bet something will surprise you and make you that much more informed. Hell, I bet even if the All-Lives-Matter crew was asking that to as many strangers as possible, they'd be able to learn. Period.

Include people you normally wouldn't into your hemisphere. Derive action from your rhetoric, even if that means an astute Heil! There's enough that's happened within the past 300 days that can validate whatever you've got going on in there. Just remember that your subconscious knew all along that it was morally unsound because you kept hiding it until now. Discover your place in this divided world, not your stance.

I'm posting the song again from my YouTube. The latter half of this vid actually has the instrumentals without my gay voice getting in the way (I guess for those that also hate gays). I don't even wanna get started on homosexuals because at least half of them are part of the problems revolving around BLM too:

If you truly don't know a thing about Black history, you're in luck. Because it's Black History Month. An easy Google search can set you up with basic, relevant information right away!

~~ said ZipZipper



Comments (4)

>"I love to provide goofy-spook music"
>makes song about BLM

we gotta laugh in these times bruh

In my opinion is not only black lives matter, every type of animal or human lives matter

sure, but the only use of this statement is to dodge the purpose of the movement, which is that Black lives have been historically treated like they're not on the same level as 'all' lives, and continue to be unwelcome across almost all cultures. Yours is a true moral statement, but it's like saying 'water is wet' while it's flooding your town.

It's funny how my personal view on BLM has massively shifted from where it was back in 2016-2017... Back then, I got swept up in the whole anti-SJW bullshit that also turned its sights onto BLM. For a couple years I believed the bullcrap. The skeptic in me, however, found that harder and harder to reconcile. I started actually listening to what people actually meant with BLM, with the talks about injustice and the flaws within the United States.
I personally know people within law enforcement, I know they're not necessarily bad people. But I've also come to realize that that's not the point. It's a system thing, bigger than any one person.
There's a reason why a lot of the class divides also follow the racial divides within this nation.
Why even after the Civil Rights Movement, there's still a vast difference in opportunities between what I've seen, and what people in a different neighborhood have access to.
Segregation might be legally dead on a Federal and mostly State level, but it still persists in other ways, consciously or not.

I'm very glad to see your evolution to understanding the actual intention behind BLM

Never be afraid to say Black Lives Matter. I'm proud of you, dude :3

Oh yeah, I'll never be afraid. You know why? Well, there's several reasons, but one of the biggest being it's the difference between having human decency and being an asshole lol