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I wish I couldn't.

Posted by ZipZipper - October 24th, 2017

I've been having a buncha crunch going on lately.

A couple of weeks ago the owner of the small-business cafe I worked at called together a meeting, which we all thought would be another 'okay guys let's get things together' kind of lecture. But instead, to the shock of even the manager who was also purposefully left in the dark, discloses that the cafe had already been sold right under our noses and that we were suddenly jobless...didn't even put in a good word for us to the new owners or give us a little cushion of help in any way. What a butthole, right? Luckily for him, me and my coworkers were such a loving family that our sorrow for being separated and losing such a dreadfully unique shop overshadowed our anger towards him in that moment...not that we could've changed much anyways.

So...this interim of sudden nothingness reminded me of a similar experience I had six years ago and inspired me to get my gears grinding, so that another six years doesn't glide by with only an inch of self-fulfillment to claim. Through my seldom spontaneity, self-frustration, and the vigorous pestering of my best friend (that's been going on for several years) I visited Los Angeles again and inspected UCLA's Extension program in Scoring for Film via a real-life visit and friend-of-friends enrolled in the program currently. I also might try auditioning/applying to Julliard and see if I would even be accepted into such prestige. But, I'm still gonna be wimpy for at least one more year, get another job close to home while I'm still blessed to have it, and save up more money because America is the worst.

Stupid? Yes, I am the most basic millenial. Please listen to/share my basic Halloween song:



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I feel you. Getting laid off is freaking suck. But at least now you might have spare time to pursue your hobby. Only that'd never come true. You are so busy fighting for scraps every second that you forgot about yourself, your passion, your whole life and its purpose. But they'd tell you, that's the system at work! America might be the shittiest of the turd but honestly it's the same elsewhere. It's all matter when you are born dirt poor or into wealth or power, regardless of your talent level.

Whenever some motherfucker told me that life sucks because you can't go to a music or art school for your passion, they are on their high horse looking down on those who suffered the most. It's easy for some to be able to afford expensive gear and family connection so they can scratch a turntable in some fucking party, but reality is these people don't ever need to even use their brain in order to make music or art. But average Joe and Jane like me are too busy beating up each other because we blame ourselves for stupid shit, while the rich fucks dine in high place and watch from afar.

Fuck the system.

If you need donation or anything, I don't mind helping out.