After Surgery

2017-06-08 11:12:08 by ZipZipper

And the tumor has been removed without fail, though it wasn't a terribly complex procedure anyways. I also have this cool stitch pattern still healing on my arm that looks like a tattoo. Now, I'm just minding this exceedingly annoying cough I've had for almost two weeks now, so welcome back minor health complications! I'm praying to get more involved here instead of just donating prize money for all the big contests happening, but I'm supposed to write 20+ minutes of music for another Fringe festival show before July starts...and of course cafe work is invasive as is me still unconsciously itching to move forward in life.

But, I finally recorded this Zelda: Breath of the Wild cover I thought I'd do before Cybil the cyst (or rather Tina the tumor) was excavated, but instead you can witness how my hands are still in playable condition.

Thanks for stopping by! *crying*


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2017-06-08 11:20:51

Well, I'm glad you're ok :D


2017-06-08 11:41:21

Glad you are okay. How goes the healing? :)


2017-06-08 12:10:13

Man, it's good to hear that all went well. Any kind of surgery, even the least invasive types, tend to be rather stressful affairs. Godspeed with your recovery, Zip! And may that persistent cough goes away soon.

Free hugs are available at your request.