Surgery etc.

2017-04-17 09:20:29 by ZipZipper

Next week, I'll be undergoing a procedure on my left wrist to remove a benign tumor that I've aesthetically ignored for an embarrassingly long time. It shouldn't be too terrible, but there's always that 3% chance it grew in a way that will disable my left arm forever and/or the small chance it's actually malignant!

At any rate, I'll have a rather long break from work, which has been a painful and fun ride since starting employment last summer. What I'm trying to say is, it will be a good length of rest from the major minor stresses of food service labor, but I'll also be bored half the time because all my friends are either work-related or being famous elsewhere.

Also, this summer I hope to have the first ever performance of a piece I've written. It will be for four-part chorus with piano accompaniment with lots of German spitting, but I'm still uncertain if enough people will be recruited to actually make the song alive and not awkward whisperings underneath a piano solo.

Aside from those two things, there's nothing else of significance to note for myself in the near future. I'm still biting my nails over applying for more schoolage for no reason at all, and I'm unfortunately too comfortable with my job as a minimum wage cook. I need something...different to inspire me to pursue education, and all aspects of adult life for that matter. Is that immature? Certainly.

Here's something I did to practice how to make music:

Have a great day!


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2017-04-17 10:12:36

Hey, that's the Gloria in Excelsis Deo! Nice! ^_^

ZipZipper responds:

Maybe I'll set an entire one some day...*lobsters scratching on aquarium glass*


2017-04-20 22:11:25

goddamn cancer haunting everybody i love :c

ZipZipper responds:

awwwwww don't worry babe, it's extremely unlikely that it'll affect my health at all...*knocks on every surface of wood as tornado is incoming*