"What's happening, Zipper?!"

2016-07-15 20:25:17 by ZipZipper

1] I work at a cafe smushing breads and cheeses together, but really slowly and sometimes incorrectly.

2] I'll be done with my A.A. after this summer and then being like...Zipper...c'mon...there's more than just an A.A. and more than half of America is unhappy and in debt over college, so why not just do it okay you should do it too!?!!?

3] That would mean three things: trying out Hollywood as a living situation, trying out music as an education situation, or just giving up on everything and start studying marine biology or entomology...or theory of fingernails.

4] I'm kind of teaching piano, but it's awkward. Fingers crossed that it's soon not awkward.

5] I'm with an overtone choir. We gargle and I scream...or is it the other way around? [ https://www.facebook.com/HarmonicIntroductions/ ]

6] I forget.

There I am playing piano again BUTT for 30 seconds.



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