Just kidding...

2015-11-19 22:12:22 by ZipZipper

Hollywood ended up not working out (bahahahaha) I was too ambitious, despite knowing how extremely unprepared I was, and all of my uncomfortable feelings finally popped off when I went to the school and tried to sort out what I would be doing there, academically and also for living on my own. It all ended with me realizing wtf am I doing and returning back home and...essentially failing at what I originally intended. So now I'm just here figuring that I'll take the safer route by...getting a job, finishing up the last of school I need to complete here, and then taking a coastal transition more seriously.

I'd still love to go to L.A. and live there just to see what it's all about, hopefully connect with music people. I have a friend out there now, who I stayed with while trying to debunk this institute, and I think he's doing really well pursuing the music scene, though he just started that path not too long ago. Perhaps seeing him and seeing the sensationalized dream of farts to fame is making me a brainless teenager with stars in his eyes...

Anyways, I'm stupid. Here's a video of me playing piano.



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2015-11-26 03:21:43

But those chords with the voicing is intimidating for me but good job you were able to let that leading voice shine. what happened to that pause though

ZipZipper responds:

Oh, it's in the video description. I think this bassoon player I know was outside kazooing his mouthpiece and I just couldn't handle it.


2015-12-23 19:43:55

Dammit... I´m really sorry for this! What was the problem? Seriously, your are one of the most cool musicians I ever heard and I really can´t imagine what was going wrong...
I wanted to sent you a waltz for christmas and inspiration and everything:
I stumbled over Prokovievs Cinderella two weeks ago and found the whole music so damn inspirating. Listen to the link at around 3:12 and to the whole piece at some point if you find time. Anyway... I wish you a nice christmas and thanks a lot again for the overworked christmas elves. It means a lot to me!

ZipZipper responds:


Anyways, funny how I sorta listened to Prokofiev's Cinderella once before...but right now listening to that link I'm like why did I pass it by so casually? Aaaaand also the problem was literally meeeee. I was unprepared like whoa and honestly I would not have felt comfortable being out there on my own going to a school that I now feel really uneasy about. So it's time for me to face the facts...*rots into skeleton*

But I'm still foolishly pursuing L.A. just because. I just need to really be strict with myself wheeee...


2015-12-23 19:44:44

And merry christmas of course ;)

ZipZipper responds:

Merry Chri- *gargles blood*


2016-04-14 10:47:28

I have a similar coastal transition story, New York to California in the hopes I was starting my life and pursuing my music. I ended up working on a marijuana farm instead. I'll see you at the newgrounds office jam, would be cool to hear about your travels and stuffs!

Your piano skills are top knotch. I've been beat boxing lately. We should try to get a hold of Hania and plan to have a micro jam. I can bring a 61 key casio for ya ;)

ZipZipper responds:

Aaaaawwww you made me clap my hands in excitement!!!!!