My recent album concerning SEX.

2015-01-04 19:09:50 by ZipZipper

Hi, I haven't been around too much as of late because of school etc. But, I just want to advertise my rather new album again because it really means a lot to me. It's a half n' half album of classical soundtrack themes vs electronic circus elements, all bundled in my own audio interpretation of the human sex drive and how sometimes there are strange, dark things hiding beneath the passionate exterior.

It's a bit of a not-so-easy listen, naturally because of my style, but also because I tried experimenting more with modulating fluidity; attempting to make melodies sound brand new with each reoccurance. It would be such a pleasure for me if you just listened to some of it and perhaps gave me some feedback. If you purchase something because you like it so much, that would be of even more personal pleasure...ahem anyways...again, I hope you just listen to something and have a delightful rest of your day.


By the way, the title of the album "The Fire Sects" is an indirect anagram of "Secret Fetish"



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