The Fire Sects + other work

2014-10-05 11:01:50 by ZipZipper

First and foremost, I have released my new album "The Fire Sects" which can be found on the Bandcamp I just created moments ago:

Please listen to it and buy something if you can, because blah blah blah I'm poor like everyone else except not in the grand scheme of things because I am blessed enough to have internet and resources to make music. Anyways, you get the point. Help a guy out if you can and spread the word to other weird people...or regular people.


Also, the illustrious Harmony of Heroes project has been released. However, their website has been off-put due to server issues, so I looked through their Facebook page:

And they posted some torrent links so that you can download the album. If something happens where the site is back up, you can check that page for updates and details. I participated thrice within the collection, and then I got depressed when I heard how much more awesome everyone else's tracks are. Oh well hehehehahahaha!


Lastly, I'm currently squeezing in work on a huge project with my frequent Halloween collaborator Luke Green. He made a blog post here:

It's an epic three-part sequel to "SKIN" our previous collaboration last season. "TUMOR" is going to be an even more in-depth peek into the story that was framed from the last 8-bit horror adventure. I'm really gonna hamper down and work on the music for this now that all these other jobs are finished.


So yeah...that's it! Please remember to support any of these projects and have a luvly day!


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2014-11-02 19:51:12

if u could made music like in tumor would b rly awasome! especialy like 2nd parts ending theme <3
i think more ppl would love it to


2015-02-21 02:08:36

I agree with shadoww7. What are the names of the songs in TUMOR?