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Upcoming album about SEX.

2014-08-24 13:27:26 by ZipZipper

Excuse me while I'm being confused about this new post-making setup...

Hello anybody who cares! The idea for this project began about a year ago and is now finally coming to fruition. It's an album based around the idea of sexual motivation and what strange turns in desire these feelings can make us do. Sometimes they are dark...sometimes...nevermind, they're mostly dark turns. That's because all the perspectives come from the mind of a super virgin enveloped in the online realm of unholy suggestive images and image genres.

Yeah! It's gonna be very fun. I'm gonna try to figure a way so that you can give me money for obtainment of the songs because that would be nice, but it's a pretty personal album so...yeah I don't care too much about what happens in that respect. The pieces have more active structures and are tied around various melodic themes throughout. Obviously some of them are circus in aesthetic, but the rest are more of a soundtrack. It's a musical film score to an obscure movie about twisted pleasures.


Here's a link to a short mash-up preview of a few of the songs:

Please get excited and share your hype with others who might care. Please and thank you! In the meantime, I'll leave you with the title of the album: The Fire Sects, which is an anagram. You could try to unscramble it, yeah?


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2014-09-14 01:04:16

So your album is about sects huh?

ZipZipper responds:

You caught that one, but yeah that's still only a piece of the unsolved anagram.


2014-09-14 01:08:26

The best one I've got so far is


Feces Her Tits


ZipZipper responds:

I love it.